Anyone who has met Dominique will be quick to agree that there is no way to completely describe her in just one paragraph. She has an energetic quality that transcends words but is certainly contagious and inspiring to say the least — reminds us of a younger, prettier Mrs. Clause!

On the professional side, Dominique is a certified interior designer, horticulturist and GA certified nursery professional. Her design roots go way back to childhood starting with arranging the toys in her crib. When her parents would stop by a friend’s home for a visit they would often find Dominique in the kitchen rearranging the kitchen cabinets so that they were more functional. Whether it was placing her stuffed animals in the most eye appealing display or adding throw pillows to the backseat of her first vehicle to give it a cozier feel, Dominique has always seen beauty and possibility in everything.

Dominique is an avid exerciser and has turned that into something positive for the Johns Creek, GA community. She is known as the “Queen of Barnwell” for the weekly work she does patrolling for trash along that stretch of road. She is also passionate about animal rescue and is a supporter of Furkids Animal Rescue and Shelter in the Atlanta area. Although she grew up in Chicago, Dominique has lived in the Atlanta area for 35 years. She moved to Johns Creek 15 years ago and shares her home with her three mixed breed rescue dogs.




Growing up, Ryan was always the most excited one in his family to decorate for the holidays: scaling the roof, climbing the trees, and tying up greenery. The way he sees it, the holiday season is the best time of the year!

When he was in his early 20s, he started a landscape design/contracting company and Customized Christmas Lights. Although he has since closed down the landscape design/contracting business to focus on his Machine Learning / Data Science Software Engineering career for most of the year, he’s still as passionate as ever about seasonally spreading the holiday spirit with his business partner, Dominique. Together, they make an impeccable team, each contributing his or her own strengths to the team’s combined efforts!

In his free time, he is passionate about Sustainability, Teampower, Energetics, and Neurotechnology — more information on these topics can be found on his personal blog, The Zernach Foundation.