1) What are the differences between LED lighting & traditional-incandescent lighting?

In comparison to traditional, glass incandescent bulbs, LED’s will have a lifespan of twenty times longer, will cost six times less for the electricity, and will more brightly twinkle, but the bulbs themselves are costlier. Mathematically, LED-bulbs are the most financially-wise type of bulbs to purchase because of their longer lives and cheaper electricity costs. For every (100) C7 Bulbs used, the average electricity cost for incandescent bulbs will be $20 per holiday season, whereas LED bulbs will only cost $3 per season. A common misconception is that LED’s give off a “cool” bluish hue, and incandescents give off a “warm” yellowish hue. This is incorrect! You can have “cool” white and “warm” white for either LED’s or incandescents!

2) What does it mean that these lights are custom-fitted & color-coded?

Get excited! If nothing else, this is what makes our program so incredibly unique and revolutionary. Our holiday lighting packages come equipped with everything needed to install everything with ease: custom-cut lengths of lights, custom-cut lengths of extension cords, LED light bulbs, gutter clips, shingle tabs, surface clips, ground stakes, 3-way splitters, an automatic timer to run everything off of one single outlet, and most importantly, a customized, color-coded map of where each product needs to be installed on your home or on your office building. Each product is labeled with different colors of electrical tape, which correspond to the colors on the diagram of the building on which they’re being installed. All power supply is intelligently designed so that the extension cords are run through your gutters and downspouts to provide a clean, neat, professional appearance.

3) Will I own my holiday lighting products, or is it a lease?

Once purchased, you will not be charged again for those lights. They will be your property. We may eventually offer a leasing option to our clients, but for the time being, we do not offer that option. However, our package includes free climate-controlled storage, every year, so you won't have to worry about storing & organizing them!

4) How long do these products last, and is there a warranty on them? 

If you experience any problems with your lighting products, then we will repair or replace them free-of-charge for three years from the date of your purchase. Because these are state-of-the-art, brand-new technology, they’ve not yet been field-tested for longer than just a few years, but they’re intended to last at least over a decade. Our supplier even tells us that they’re supposed to be brightly shining after fifteen years of holiday seasons! Honestly, the length of their lives is going to be largely impacted by how they’re treated, handled, and stored. Have they been excessively dropped, or were they improperly stored during the summertime? Just take care of them and treat them right, and they’ll treat you right. We still haven’t met anyone who hasn’t been impressed with the quality of our products.

5) Where on my home, office building, or property can these products be installed?

Our custom-fitted strands of lights can be installed across gutterlines, up and down A-frames, around windows, around garages, along the perimeter of driveways, sidewalks, or garden beds, etc. No matter where they’re being installed, each and every light bulb has its own different type of clip to ensure that it remains clean and streamline for the entire holiday season. We can send you a package that is as intricate or as simple as you’d like! Additionally, we offer products from our 128-page products catalog, which includes commercial-grade wreaths, garland, net lights, rope lights, standard strands of lights, Monrovian stars, snowflakes, light balls, holiday topiaries, artificial exterior/interior Christmas trees, Christmas tree toppers, figurines, motifs, giant bows, and even products for your patio or backyard Tiki bar!

6) Do I have to install them myself, or does Customized Christmas Lights Installation team do that, too?

Yes, we install our products nationwide. If you’re local to MetroAtlanta, then we’ll install them “in-house”. If you don’t live near Atlanta, then through our network of trusted service professionals, we can have your lighting products expertly installed within just a few business days. However, our holiday lighting packages are so comprehensive and well-thought-out that nearly any homeowner with a tall enough ladder, some effort, and some physical ability can simply read our diagram and follow our instructions to install them in just a few hours (depending on how intricate your lighting design is). For health purposes, we always advise our D.I.Y. clients to take serious safety precautions because being on a roof is risky work. We are not to be held liable for any injuries or damages that may be accrued from installing our products. Please call or email us for details on how to safely, effectively, and efficiently install our products on your home.

7) May I select my preferred color of light bulbs?

Absolutely! All of our dozen colors are the same price. You can either select a singular color bulb, or you can even select a multi-color combination of any of the following: Warm White, Cool White, Blue, Red, Pink, Green, Purple, Orange, Gold, and Yellow. Some of our most popular Christmastime multi-color combinations include Cool-White/Blue and Cool-White/Red.

8) May I use these lights for other holidays or occasions?

This is one of our favorite parts about these lights! Because the light bulbs on our custom-fitted strands of lights can be very easily removed & replaced, you can use the same light strands to decorate for Halloween, for Thanksgiving, for Easter, or even for your favorite sports team colors! Many of our clients opt to use a Purple/Orange/Green multi-color combination for Halloween in October, a Red/Orange/Yellow multi-color combination in November, and a Christmastime multi-color combination in December! Or, if Thanksgiving lighting is too much for your taste, then just leave them turned off from November 1st through Thanksgiving, when it’ll be time to turn on your Christmastime colors.

9) If one bulb goes bad, then will the rest of the strand stop working?

No way! Unlike the majority of lighting products that can be found in big box stores such as Home Depot or Costco, our custom-fitted strands of lights will continue to brightly shine, even if a couple of them happen to go out. The “bad bulbs” can then be individually replaced with good ones. It’s as easy as unscrewing the bulb, just like you would replace a lamp bulb in your home.

10) When does the Customized Christmas Lights team uninstall/remove them?

We remove everyone’s holiday lights from January 2nd through the 14th. We understand that getting them down in a timely manner is important! Once removed, they will be neatly organized back into your durable storage tote and stored with you at your home/office in a cool, dry location until the following November.

11) Where should I store my lights & holiday products when they aren't being used?

DO NOT STORE YOU LIGHTS IN THE ATTIC! We strongly recommend that your holiday lighting package be stored in a cool, dry place. For example, most people store them in either their basement, a closet, or an air-conditioned storage unit. It’s very damaging to the lights for them to be in hot environments, such as in attics in the middle of the summer.

12) Do I have to be home during the installation and/or uninstallation? 

No, this is absolutely not mandatory, but we do prefer that you are home during the installation and/or removal. Additionally, some of our clients desire to help us install and/or remove the lights for the first season so that he or she can learn how to install them himself or herself in the following years to come. We are definitely not opposed to teaching others how to do what we do!

13) May I continue to hire Customized Christmas Lights each year to install/uninstall my outdoor lighting display?

We always consider it an honor to have the privilege of recurringly installing and removing your holiday lights. Our number one priority is our customer’s satisfaction. Therefore, the majority of our clients who ask us to install their lights for the first year choose to reschedule on an annual basis. On October 1st of each year, we send an email to our clients for them to schedule their installation timeframe preferences. This is definitely a benefit because you get first dibs on the best days of the season to have them installed and removed.

14) If I move homes, then what happens to my lights? 

This one’s up to you, but we would recommend gifting your lights for the next homeowner because they’ve truly been created for that specific house – plus, it’s a cool selling feature of the home, knowing that it comes with a custom-fitted set of holiday lights that specifically fit the dimensions of that house, and that house only.However, if you choose to bring them with you, then they can be refitted to the dimensions of the new home! Depending on how drastic the changes are from one home to another, it usually only requires a couple of extra products and an additional hour or two to refit a lighting kit to a different home. The cost to refit to a new home is usually a one-time $50 (time/labor), plus the cost of more bulbs (if you need more linear feet of lights at the new house than you did at the old house).Remember: if you’d like us to, we can continue to install and uninstall your lights in which ever city you move to!

15) If I am installing these lights myself, then how many lights may I run from one outlet before blowing a fuse?

Here’s yet another important reason to select LED’s instead of incandescent! Depending on the electric availability of the specific fuse, the average outlet can safely run over (500) C7 LED’s, but only (150) C7 incandescents.

16) How do I pay Customized Christmas Lights for these products & services?

You'll receive an invoice via email from — we use an online accounting platform called Wave Apps. This will contain a link to where you can “View & Pay” to view an itemized breakdown of your invoice. You may pay online via credit/debit card, or via check payable to Customized Christmas Lights.